Car Care Tips For the Summer

Summer is the time when we are out and about enjoying the great outdoors. This is the time of the year that most people do their traveling, such as vacations and visiting family. Your car will get a workout in the summer months and now is the time to make sure everything is running smoothly. If you are planning to take a trip you should follow some of the tips below to make sure you have a safe trip.

You should have your cooling system checked-out before setting out on a road trip. You should inspect the air-conditioning hoses for any leaks or damage. You want to also make sure the clamps are tight; if they are loose you can tighten them with a screwdriver. While you are checking the hoses you can also check out the other hoses under your hood and look for and cracks or damage.

It is recommended that at least once a week during the winter months you should turn on your AC for about ten to fifteen minutes. This helps to circulate the coolant and lubricating oil inside the compressor. You should also check that you have good airflow coming out of your AC vents.

Before a long road trip you should have your tires rotated, especially if they haven’t been rotated within the last 7,500 miles. Inspect your tires for any uneven wear or for any damage. You should also check the tire pressure. You can look in your owner’s manual or on the placard in the car door. Checking your tire pressure regularly will also help to give you better gas mileage.

You should have your car tuned-up. The oil and oil filter should be changed. You should have all fluids checked including coolant, brakes, transmission, and power steering. Also replace worn wiper blades and make sure you have plenty of windshield washer fluid in your car. Summer time is when you will get plenty of bugs and dust on your windshield, which could hinder your view.

Be sure that you remember never leave your kids, animals or electronics in a parked car in the summer heat. The temperature inside a vehicle can climb to more than 100 degrees. You should not leave laptop computers, music players, camera or cell phones in a parked car; the heat can damage them.

images10-e1329456765625When you are getting ready for that trip to the beach or to your favorite location you should pack a travel kit to put inside your car. Things to include would be drinking water, sun block, insect repellent and a first aid kit. You should carry an extra gallon of windshield wiper fluid, a gallon container with 50% coolant and 50% water and a couple of quarts of oil.

You want to make sure your car is in tip-top shape for the long summer days. By having your car running efficiently you will get better gas mileage. You don’t want to get stranded somewhere in the sweltering heat. This is the time of year to pack everyone in the car and go have some fun in the sun.

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