An exhaust systems is a tubing used to guide reaction exhaust gases away from a controlled combustion inside an engine. The entire system conveys burnt gases from the engine and includes one or more exhaust pipes. The exhaust gas may flow through on or more of the cylinder head and exhaust manifold, a turbo charger, a catalytic converter and a muffler or silencer; depending on the overall system design.

So what should you know about exhaust systems?

So before you start working on your exhaust systems, let’s check out the parts and the functions of each component in the system.

Exhaust systems manifold services in Brisbane

The exhaust manifold attaches to the cylinder head and takes each cylinder and combines it into one pipe. This can be made of steel, aluminum, stainless steel or more commonly, cast iron.

Catalytic converter in exhaust systems

This part converts harmful carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons to water vapor and carbon dioxide. This is installed in the exhaust line between the exhaust manifold and the muffler or silencer. Some converters reduce harmful nitrogen oxides that are why the converter is lined with chemicals that change the harmful gases into harmless ones before they are into the environment. The converter is mounted between the exhaust manifold and the muffler or silencer.

Muffler (North America and Australia) or Silencer (Europe) on exhaust systems

The muffler or silencer is the most recognizable component which serves to quiet the exhaust down to acceptable levels. The muffler or silencer converts sound energy into heat, forcing the sound waves to dissipate their energy. Most mufflers or silencers use baffles to bounce the exhaust around dissipating the energy and quieting the noise. Some also use fiberglass packing which absorbs the sound energy as the gases flow through.

Exhaust systems pipe or tail pipe

Between all the parts mentioned above is the exhaust pipe which carries the gas through its journey out the tail pipe. This part sticks out the backend of the car. Exhaust tubing is usually made of steel but can be stainless steel which can withstand corrosion or aluminum steel tubing which has a better resistance to corrosion than plain steel but not better that stainless steel. Aluminum steel is however cheaper than stainless steel.

Oxygen sensor in exhaust systems

It is more common in modern cars to include an oxygen sensor as part of the exhaust system. All modern fuel injected cars utilize an oxygen sensor to measure how much oxygen exists in the exhaust. From this the computer can add or subtract fuel to obtain the correct mixture for maximum fuel economy. The sensor is mounted in the exhaust manifold or close to it in the exhaust pipe.

We can service all sorts of exhaust systems

There are many components that make up your auto’s exhaust system. The whole process is actually easy to understand once learning about each part individually. It is important for harmful gases to be carried away from the engine, quieted and let out of the car in a harmless way. Hopefully you now understand this process and system.

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