It seems many drivers of European vehicles experience issues with the electronic climate control computer. As air conditioning cools the interior, the climate control monitors and maintains temperatures set by the driver. With so many drivers having problems with the climate control panel, it seems there may be some kind of fault within the system, but luckily, the fixes are just a mechanic call away.

If you experience any of the following, book an appointment with your mechanic for a quick fix.

  • Climate control turns on and off intermittently
  • Switching itself off and resets
  • The air conditioner is still engaged and the AC light on
  • The AC button or air vent button is still lit and the display dark
  • The AC compressor on with no fan
  • High temperatures resulting in more cases of intermittent “off” events
  • Fan is not coming on or is coming on at a low speed
  • Fan will not go above a particular speed

You can try looking in your European vehicle manual, but may not find any reference to troubleshooting the climate control panel. It can be one of several problems, however, trouble shooting by the mechanic will probably reveal one of these things:

  • A capacitor on the board of the climate control computer is faulty
  • The the climate control module itself was faulty
  • Micro filter blocked
  • Climate output stage failure

Of course, this doesn’t cover the entire spectrum of possibilities, but these are some of the more common climate control problems.

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