Why It’s Important to Undergo Regular Car Servicing for your European Car

Why It’s Important to Undergo Regular Car Servicing for your European Car

Most of us know that we should be regularly servicing our European cars, preferably once a year or every 15,000 kilometres- whichever comes first. Even if you drive just a few thousand kilometres a year, you still need to service your car annually.

Most European cars are now equipped with a multitude of sensors, checking and controlling many systems from climate control to keeping safety distance. Though, these sensors optimise your driving experience, technology really hasn’t reached the point where it can check safety risks like:

  • Tyre wear
  • Thickness of Brake pads and disks
  • Suspension wear
  • Oil leaks
  • Windshield visibility
  • Coolant leaks

So why is regular servicing so important? Unnecessary risks to your vehicle can be costly both in time and money and could potential ruin your day or holiday. However, through regular servicing these risks can be easily minimized.

Trust your sense and the vehicle sensors

One of the main advantages of sensors is that they detect small changes in vehicle behaviour from manufacturer’s design. Many sensors will turn warning light on after an issue has occurred. This could mean that you need to get your vehicle checked since it could get you stuck on the side of the road.

5 Reasons Why it’s important to service your vehicle regularly:

  1. Tyre Wear

The road to safety starts with making sure your wheels are aligned and your tyres have enough tread. If your tyres are worn, the contact surface of the vehicle with the road is at question, if your wheels are out of alignment, your car is more likely to drift out of the lane.

  1. Brakes pads and disks

Regular servicing doesn’t just help your car run better; it helps it to stop better too. Each time you slow down or stop your brake pads and brake rotors wears. Over time this wear and tear will affect the efficiency of your brakes. Brakes are one of the most important safety systems in your car and it’s crucial that you get them checked regularly.

  1. Suspension wear

Suspension system contain springs, shock absorbers, rubber bushes and linkages that connects the vehicle to its wheels. Suspension, absorbs road vibration and keep the vehicle balanced and stable on the road. The suspension system wear can only be detected by inspection at the workshop. So, getting a regular service by experts is essential to keeping you safe on the road.

  1. Oil

Did you know that if you don’t change your oil regularly, it may build up as sludge? This can damage the engine in your car to the point that you could potentially need to replace the engine in your car. So, getting a regular service can easily save you thousands.

  1. Visibility

If your wiper blades aren’t replaced when they are worn, they produce an uneven wipe, which leaves you without a clear view of the road ahead. Having a clear windscreen is essential for judging distance.



Regular servicing is an important part of owning a European vehicle. Don’t risk the safety of yourself or your loved ones, make K&G Automotive your choice for your service and maintenance needs.

You can save up to 50% off dealer group prices by using an experienced and award-winning mechanic like Shlomi.

Shlomi and the team at K&G Automotive are known as reliable and responsive European Car experts with unique automotive engineering capabilities. This is why, increasingly, European car owners choose to service or repair their vehicles at K&G Automotive: the award-winning independent European car service centre of choice for Mercedes, BMW, Audi, VW and Mini servicing and repairs in South Brisbane.


  • Automotive craftsmanship
    Shlomi is an award-winning mechanical engineer with 25 years’ automotive engineering experience. He regularly trains his team, (which has a higher ratio of senior mechanics to apprentices) to ensure they are up to date with the latest advances in European vehicle technology and Shlomi checks all of the work personally, himself.
  • Talk directly to Shlomi, the owner of K&G Automotive
    Shlomi’s philosophy has always been that the customer should be in complete control. This is why, at K&G Automotive, you can talk directly to Shlomi or a mechanic about your car service  in Brisbane South for complete peace-of-mind.
  • Call to get an honest, upfront price
    Shlomi and his team at K&G Automotive will give you an honest price upfront to prevent any bill shock. When you call, they will talk you through your car service or repair before you decide to commit to any work. If additional work is required, one of the team will call you back first to discuss this – before spending your money.
  • Exceptional customer service
    Shlomi and the team at K&G Automotive pride themselves on delivering exceptional service to their customers. They will book your car service or repair in promptly and undertake the work in a timely manner so you can get back to your day. They will also maintain direct contact with you.
  • Modern courtesy vehicles
    K&G Automotive provides free modern European courtesy vehicles to ensure you won’t be inconvenienced without a vehicle for the duration of your service or repair.
  • Award winning European Car Service Centre
    Due to their high-level automotive craftsmanship and international engineering experience, K&G Automotive were recognised as an outstanding industry leader by being awarded the acclaimed 2018 Business of the Year Award and the Car Sales and Service Award at the 2018 Logan Business Distinction Awards.

Call Shlomi or his team at K & G Automotive on 07 3341 2008 or email them here to book in your service in Brisbane South today.

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