Euro Car Winter Health Check

Winter is hard on the performance of European cars, and driving conditions can be at their worst.  

Now is an excellent time to get a Euro Car Winter Health Check when you book your Mercedes, BMW, VW, Audi, Mini or Skoda in for a winter service.    

Book a winter service now to improve your vehicle’s performance, safety and reliability during winter.

K&G Auto Winter Service

Whether you own a Mercedes, BMW, VW, Audi, Mini or Skoda, you want to avoid unexpected breakdowns that can interrupt your busy days.

Our expert Euro car mechanics will ensure your car works perfectly so you can drive to your winter destination – work, shopping or a getaway – without worry.  

The K&G Auto Winter Service is a full logbook service that includes a Winter Health Check to keep you and your family safe this winter.  

The Euro Car Winter Health Check covers the following:

1. Tyres check

Worn tyres are more dangerous in wet and cold conditions, so you need extra grip in the winter months.  To maintain safe stopping distances in winter, we will check the tyre pressure is at the recommended level, the tyres are free from damage, and the treads exceed the legal depth.

2.  Battery check

The most common cause of breakdowns in winter is battery failure.  Batteries over five years can struggle to start an engine in winter.  To avoid unexpected breakdowns, we will check your batteries and advise if the battery needs to be replaced.  

3. Cooling System Check

Regular maintenance will improve reliability, avoid expensive repairs and extend your car’s life.  We will check your cooling system, which may expose any small leaks (particularly in older vehicles) which could become a major problem.

4. Screen Wash and Wiper Blades Check

With extra moisture on the roads, there is an increase in the amount of dirt hitting your windscreen.  Your wiper blades need to be in good condition to avoid smears on the windscreen.  Our team will check / top up your screen wash and check wiper blades to improve your visibility.    

5. Oil Level Check

Running low on oil can lead to a breakdown and significant engine damage.  Our team will check and top up your oil levels to protect your engine.

6. Check Lights.

With the reduced light in the winter, it is essential to ensure your lights are working before you get caught out. We will check your lights and recommend replacements (where required).  

7. Roadside Assistance

If you don’t already have roadside assistance, now is an excellent time to buy some.  You don’t want to get stuck with no one to help you.

Book in today and receive a free K&G Auto Face Mask to keep you safe in winter.

(Terms:  not to be used with other offers.  Offer valid to 31 July 2024.)

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