Improve fuel consumption to cut costs in your commercial Mercedes or VW Vans.

Brisbane-based European service specialists K&G Auto can provide you with some tips to reduce fuel consumption in commercial Mercedes and VW Vans, leading to an improved bottom line in 2023.

With fuel prices continuing to fluctuate and remaining unpredictable in 2023, fuel efficiency for your commercial Mercedes and VW Vans is more important than ever.

The increase in fuel consumption can have an impact on your company’s bottom line. This is why you should be looking at ways to improve fuel efficiency in your commercial Mercedes and VW Vans to ensure your business stays profitable and operating costs remain low.

K&G Auto’s Shlomi Kuba, is a leading European Service Specialist based in Brisbane, Queensland and is an award-winning automotive engineer with 25 years’ experience.

Here are his top tips on improving fuel consumption to dramatically improve your bottom line in 2023.

1. Vehicle maintenance

Regular maintenance on your commercial Mercedes and VW vans is crucial in ensuring your fuel efficiency remains high and your costs low.

Telematic technology will help alert fleet managers and drivers when vehicles are due for a service based on date, distance travelled and engine alerts.

Ongoing maintenance to keep in mind is…

  • maintaining proper tyre pressure,
  • checking tyre wear,
  • replacing fuel filters,
  • keeping axels aligned,
  • repairing body damage,
  • using recommended grades of oil; and
  • regular services.

We invite you to visit Shlomi and the team at K&G Auto to help you reduce fuel consumption in your commercial Mercedes and VW Vans.

2. Driver training and behaviour

While the GPS technology can monitor driver behaviour, it is also a way to identify training opportunities for your fleet drivers.

Ensuring drivers are up-to-date with fuel efficient practices, think about what education you can provide them to help reduce fuel costs and environmental impacts. Staying safe on the road is first and foremost and eliminates fuel costs by avoiding any dangerous driving.

Make sure your company actively encourages driver responsibility by arming your team with necessary information. Simple changes such as less idling and using correct routes will make a significant difference to your fuel consumption.

3. Use GPS tracking technology

Investing in modern technology such as GPS tracking helps small businesses streamline their operations and manage their fleets in a way that will cut costs, increase productivity, simplify maintenance, and promote safety.

Monitor fleet movements and ensure your drivers are using the best possible routes to support the most cost-effective fuel usage.

Telematic technology can be used to detect and record vehicles speeds and allow fleet managers to set speed parameters with automatic alerts. Excessive idling also impacts fuel consumption and can be monitored by GPS tracking, as well as fast acceleration and hard braking which lowers fuel economy.

GPS technology not only monitors your drivers’ behaviours and helps to educate them on the most cost-effective way to operate commercial Mercedes and VW Vans, it is also beneficial to adhere to environmental emissions standards.

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