Where do I go for an affordable and reliable Mercedes service in Brisbane without voiding my warranty?

Many Mercedes vehicle owners are reluctant to switch to an independent car service centre for their services or repairs for fear of having their vehicle warranty voided.

They assume that by remaining loyal to their Mercedes Benz dealership they will receive a more reliable, peace-of-mind service that decreases the risk of a vehicle breakdown and avoids losing their warranty.


Can I get my Mercedes serviced with an independent 

workshop without voiding my warranty? 

Mercedes Car Servicing
Mercedes Car Servicing

Let’s clear up the confusion: you will not void your warranty if you choose not to service or repair your Mercedes vehicle at your Mercedes Benz dealership.

This is backed up by the ACCC, (Australian Competition & Consumer Commission) who, in December 2017, as part of a ‘New Car Retailing Industry market study’, released an ‘Independent repairers factsheet’ clearly stating that generally it was perfectly acceptable to service any vehicle at an independent workshop.

Here’s an extract from that document:

Manufacturer warranties in Australia for new cars, in most if not all cases, do not require that a new car must be serviced by authorised dealers during the warranty period to maintain the warranty…

Therefore Mercedes vehicle owners should feel free to choose an independent workshop to carry out any services or repairs under manufacturer’s warranties, as long as the work being undertaken is in accordance with the manufacturer’s standards.


Reasons to choose K&G Automotive to service your Mercedes

Today consumers are savvier when it comes to looking for an affordable and reliable car service. As a result consumers are seeking our renowned services and quality repairs.

Shlomi and the team at K&G Automotive are known as fast, reliable and responsive European Car experts with unique automotive engineering capabilities. This is why, increasingly, Brisbane Mercedes owners choose to service or repair their vehicles at K&G Automotive: the award-winning independent European car service centre of choice for Mercedes, BMW, Audi, VW and Mini servicing and repairs in Brisbane.


  • Automotive craftsmanship

    Shlomi is an award-winning mechanical engineer with 25 years’ automotive engineering experience. He regularly trains his team, (which has a higher ratio of senior mechanics to apprentices) to ensure they are up to date with the latest advances in Mercedes-Benz technology and Shlomi checks all of the work personally himself.


  • Servicing all types of Mercedes vehicles

    The team at K&G Automotive can reassuringly service all types of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Award-winning owner Shlomi (Best Technician in Europe, 2002) worked as an automotive engineer for many years for Mercedes-Benz dealerships in both Israel and Brisbane.

    In addition, K&G Automotive uses the highly comprehensive Auto logic diagnostic tool, which specialises in Mercedes and all other European vehicles. K&G Automotive is also registered with Autodata, the country’s leading supplier of technical information, which means they have access to the same technical information that Mercedes and all other car manufactures make available to their dealers.


  • Talk directly to Shlomi, the owner of K&G Automotive

    Shlomi’s philosophy has always been that the customer should be in complete control. This is why, at K&G Automotive, you can talk directly to Shlomi or a mechanic about your Mercedes service in Brisbane for complete peace-of-mind.


  • Call to get an honest, upfront price

    Shlomi and his team at K&G Automotive will give you an honest price upfront to prevent any bill shock. When you call, they will talk you through your Mercedes service or repair before you decide to commit to any work. If additional work is required, one of the team will call you back first to discuss this.

    Shlomi and the team at K&G Automotive pride themselves on delivering exceptional service to their customers. They will book your Brisbane Mercedes service or repair in promptly and undertake the work timely so you can get back to your day. They will maintain direct contact with you.


  • Modern Mercedes courtesy vehicles

    K&G Automotive provides free modern Mercedes European courtesy vehicles to ensure you won’t feel inconvenienced without a vehicle for the duration of your service or repair.


  • Award winning European Car Service Centre

    Due to their high-level automotive craftsmanship and international engineering experience, K&G Automotive were recognised as an outstanding industry leader by being awarded the acclaimed 2018 Business of the Year Award and the Car Sales and Service Award at the 2018 Logan Business Distinction Awards.


Call Shlomi or his team at K & G Automotive on 07 3341 2008 or email them here for your Mercedes service Brisbane or repair requirements.

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