Why is it important to undergo a BMW service in Brisbane South regularly, particularly if you own a modern vehicle?

Most of us know we should regularly service our BMW vehicles, preferably once a year (or every 15,000 kilometers, whichever comes first) to allow the change of the engine oil and engine oil filter. But do we know the reason why it is so important to do so?

One of the fundamental problems, particularly with modern vehicles that are driven short distances, is the significant build-up of carbon, which can prevent oil flow and cause significant damage to your engine.


Why it’s so important to service your BMW on time

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Newer vehicle engines suffer from more carbon build-up, especially if those vehicles are undertaking short drives regularly. This is because of EGR (exhaust gas recirculation), which is meant to reduce the temperature in the combustion chamber to prevent harmful NOx gases from being created. When your vehicle is cruising exhaust gases are introduced to the index system, therefore there is less oxygen and the temperature in the combustion chamber reduces.

The side effect of this is that the EGR is introducing burnt gas into the engine cylinders, which is contributing to carbon build-up in your vehicle’s engine.


Simply put: carbon build-up is bad for your BMW engine

One of the jobs of the engine oil is to collect carbon build-up, so when you drain it you’re flushing out all the toxins and substituting it with clean, fresh oil. But if you don’t change the oil with a regular car service, that carbon remains in the engine and begins to build-up over time inside, reducing oil flow and creating a blockage in the

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index system. If the oil flow is very low, then carbon will continue building up and eventually cause damage to your engine.

Motorists who buy second-hand vehicles with low mileage may think they are getting a bargain, but if the previous owner had been regularly driving short distances they would have built-up a lot of carbon in the engine, which might be very expensive to repair. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that your BMW vehicle is serviced on time.

K&G Automotive recommends that you have your car serviced at least once a year, (or upon reaching 15,000 kilometers; whichever comes first). Even if you drive just a few thousand kilometers a year, you still need to service your car annually.

EGR is a significant issue today with modern vehicles; particularly if you are taking your vehicle on frequent short drives (under ten minutes long), regularly drive in stop-start traffic and in high temperature conditions and the issues are more likely to occur if you have a diesel engine.


Reasons to choose K&G Automotive to service your BMW

Shlomi and the team at K&G Automotive are known as fast, reliable and responsive European Car experts with unique automotive engineering capabilities. This is why, increasingly, BMW owners choose to service or repair their vehicles at K&G Automotive: the award-winning independent European car service centre of choice for BMW, Mercedes, Audi, VW and Mini servicing and repairs in South Brisbane.

Remember, you won’t void your warranty by having your vehicle serviced or repaired at K&G Automotive.


  • Automotive craftsmanship

    Shlomi is an award-winning mechanical engineer with 25 years’ automotive engineering experience. He regularly trains his team, (which has a higher ratio of senior

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    mechanics to apprentices) to ensure they are up to date with the latest advances in BMW technology and Shlomi supervises all of the work in the workshop.

  • Servicing all types of BMW vehicles

    The team at K&G Automotive can reassuringly service all types of BMW vehicles. Award-winning owner Shlomi (Best Technician in Europe, 2002) worked as an automotive engineer for many years in both Israel and Brisbane.

    In addition, K&G Automotive uses the highly comprehensive Auto logic diagnostic tool, which specialises in BMW and all other European vehicles. K&G Automotive is also registered with Autodata, the country’s leading supplier of technical information, which means they have access to all technical information required to repair your BMW or any other vehicle manufacturer.

  • Talk directly to Shlomi, the owner of K&G Automotive

    Shlomi’s philosophy has always been that the customer should be in complete control. This is why, at K&G Automotive, you can talk directly to Shlomi or a mechanic about your BMW service in Brisbane South for complete peace-of-mind.

  • Call to get an honest, upfront price

    Shlomi and his team at K&G Automotive will give you an honest price upfront to prevent any bill shock. When you call, they will talk you through your BMW service or repair in South Brisbane before you decide to commit to any work. If additional work is required, one of the team will call you back first to discuss this.

  • Exceptional customer service

    Shlomi and the team at K&G Automotive pride themselves on delivering exceptional service to their customers. They will book your South Brisbane BMW service or repair in promptly and undertake the work timely so you can get back to your day. They will maintain direct contact with you.

  • Modern courtesy vehicles

    K&G Automotive provides free modern courtesy vehicles to ensure you won’t feel inconvenienced without a vehicle for the duration of your service or repair.

  • Award-winning European Car Service Centre

    Due to their high-level automotive craftsmanship and international engineering experience, K&G Automotive were recognised as an outstanding industry leader by being awarded the acclaimed 2018 Business of the Year Award and the Car Sales and Service Award at the 2018 Logan Business Distinction Awards.

Call Shlomi or his team at K & G Automotive on 07 3341 2008 or email them here to book in your BMW service in Brisbane South today.




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