Welcome to K & G Automotive.

Providing you with exceptional customer service and a full-suite of automotive services, our qualified technicians are back by over 20 years’ experience.

Allowing you to keep your factory warranty, we’ll service your vehicle and maintain a careful attention to detail throughout the process. Moreover, we are committed to giving all customers a cost-effective solution for mechanical needs, making our rates unmatched by competitors and overpriced dealerships.

Road Worthy Certificate (RWC) for Queensland, Brisbane

Equipping you with optimal protection, these certificates ensure all vehicles meet the requirements specified in our safety inspections, before being made available on the market. This allows buyers to make an informed decision, without potentially committing to purchasing a faulty, unsafe vehicle.

By actively reducing the number of dangerous vehicles on Queensland and Brisbanes roads, RWCs help to minimise the likelihood of accidents caused by vehicles that are defective.

All vehicles using Queensland roads are required to be registered, allowing the Queensland Transport body to oversee all registered drivers and maximise road safety.

For all your mechanical needs, visit our Brisbane professionals – we’re always more than happy to lend a hand.

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