Shlomi Kuba


Einat Kuba

K&G Automotive, an award winning business was established in 2008 and is managed by Shlomi Kuba.
The manager/ owner Shlomi Kuba was trained in different places around the globe from Germany to Australia for the past 20 years’.
The workshop is managed as a small family business that pays attention to every little detail.
With the use of current technology and diagnostic tools we are able to analyse and comprehend faults and repair them in a cost efficient way.

At K&G Automotive, you pay for what you get, we have no flashy show room, no expensive restaurant, we don’t have many managers but we do have the knowledge, experience, diagnostic tools, special tools and the passion for your car.
The mechanics at K&G Automotive are trained and supported to reach the highest level of excellency.
You can always count on K&G Automotive services.
We care about our customers and we aspire to provide them with above dealership level service for the fraction of the dealership’s price. Servicing your vehicle with us will not void manufacturer’s warranty.

We guarantee our workmanship and parts for the duration of 12 months /15,000 km.
On top of our reliable, honest and great service we also offer:
*Comfortable, air-conditioned lounge with free Wi-Fi service, flat screen TV and coffee (if you choose to wait while we service your
*Free courtesy vehicle
*Drop off service
*Pickup and delivery service from a distance of 15 km’s around the workshop.
*Free vehicle detail with every European vehicle log book service



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