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While not everybody loves their car enough to get regular maintenance, most European luxury car owners understand the value of preventative car maintenance. A regular preventative maintenance visit can save money and ex... READ MORE

Specialised Mercedes Mechanics In Brisbane Have you experienced what proficient and affordable Mercedes servicing in Brisbane truly means? No? We have got great news for you if you are a Mercedes owner. Drivi... READ MORE

So you might have heard about tons of tips on how to maximize the efficiency and lifespan of your hard-earned car. And you probably have listened to the same ole tricks from different sources over and over again. Now... READ MORE

It seems that in today’s world, every gadget that is created, comes with tons of different accessories. Some are just a decorative, glamorous feature, whilst others are practical and serve a good purpose, whilst lookin... READ MORE

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Dr. Peter J. AnthonyDr. Peter J. Anthony
With K&G Automotive I am getting excellent work for one third of the dealer ship price
By changing from servicing my car at the dealership to servicing at K&G, I not only saved 50% of the ...
Ren'e AnthonyRen'e Anthony
I cannot recommend K&G too highly to anyone who is tired of paying excessive top prices for servicing and repairs ...
Wonderful service, friendly and efficient.  Well done and thank you… I will be back and refer others